The 4 Online Wine Clubs You Should Join ASAP

Don’t get us wrong, though: nothing beats the smell of oak barrels and miles and miles of grapes to pick for winemaking. The nostalgia almost permeates with the notes and aroma of a good wine. But these digital days call for a true Netflix scenario where you can sit in your PJs at home and get access to all the wine you want via online wine clubs. We’re seeing it with men’s shaving products. We already see it with digital media. But wine?


You Got It: Online Wine Clubs Are Making a Killing

The popularity’s growing. As with any trend in any industry, though, you have to keep tabs on what’s hot and what’s truly not. And make no mistake about it: there are some that are up-and-coming, some that are still in the works, some that don’t quite got the goods, and others so hot that vineyards clear and wide want to start investing in a Wi-Fi connection!

So without further adieu, you wanted the best resource in online wine clubs to date; here it is:

The Birth of Invention With “Club W”

Club W took the idea of brand packaging and delivery to a completely different level after Mark Lynn, one of the founders of the startup winery, received a traditional wine club membership and saw that the packaging was ridiculously clunky. What’s one thing we love about the Internet? Convenience and quality, and that was something amiss in the wine club atmosphere — nay, the burgeoning online wine club arena.

Enter: Club W, a winery like any other, but with an inventive edge. Through partnerships with small producers and third-party retailers, Club W remains as a trendsetter abreast of all developments in the industry not only within the vineyard, but in cyberspace. Most notably, the packaging is their quality touch, complete with branding not only making this a place to see, but a place you can remember right from the computer or as you pull up the driveway to take in the ambience of any traditional vineyard.

Explore more about Club W right here.

Breaking the Mold With “Wine Awesomeness”

We saw it with the Bohemian Revolution. Revolts. New trends break through quite ‘violently’ (for lack of a better term), and, yes, this can happen with online wine clubs to great effect. Wine Awesomeness is that revolutionary, essentially turning wine into a more modernized and “hip” sort of outing, which may very easily appeal to many of today’s crowd.

Think of it this way — some might think wine tastings are just plain boring! Wine Awesomeness seeks to alleviate that stigma as CEO Logan Lee dodges compliance and merchandising questions and issues, opting for a minimalist grey area akin to something like Uber for public transportation and Airbnb for the hotel industry. The tone of the company’s nothing short of sheer fun. Casual. The storytelling’s impeccably human. You get your wine in a very easy-to-lug-around container, and a magazine laced with snarky material and off-the-wall recommendations regarding food pairings. Part of why Wine Awesomeness makes this list is the fact that you just might do a double-take when you get your purchase in!

Hey, dude, check out Wine Awesomeness right here, dude.

Bright Cellars: the Young Blood

Innovation gives rise to something new. Something different. Different may not be that great and all, though; but if you hit the mark in just the right way, you might have a winner. Bright Cellars is that new sensation getting into the ring with some of the old dogs still capable of knocking out a prize fighter, and we love watching startups try to make a name for themselves. The thing about Bright Cellars is that they’re very much like Wine Awesomeness, but with a more “starter” I-don’t-know-anything-about-wine feel, “but I have the drive and desire to learn more” mentality.

Take this point, for example — their packaging’s rather simple. Plain even. But there’s a certain charm to it. The staff at Bright Cellars doesn’t even have an in-house sommelier, seeking only to connect with the customer and find out what he/she wants instead. An interesting decision for such an organization. Risky, but interesting…. As far as online wine clubs go, they’ve got the right target: you. It’s not about what’s trendy in wine — it’s about what’s trendy with you.

Learn more about yourself at Bright Cellars by clicking this link.

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain at “Pour This”

Actually, do pay attention behind the curtain. And it’s not a man. It’s a woman by the name of Ashley Ragovin, the founder of Pour This, a wine club of online wine clubs existing on the inside of the game given that Ashley’s a sommelier and has been one for years. So the experience is there. This is the only online wine club in this list run by someone actually in the industry, so that makes this particular club stand out quite a bit.

The slight downside is that you’ll often find plenty of wine choices here that are a bit pricey, but here’s the thing — right here you’ll get the best chance in discovering those wines out there you won’t find at any local grocery store. It’s all about discovery, basically, especially with the “Daily Pour” feature Ashley brings out for $20-$40 bottles going on sale online and vanishing by the end of the day. Think of it this way: other online wine clubs can very much be like lemonade stands (which are good all by themselves) ran by cute little ladies. “Pour This” is a lemonade stand helmed by a visionary. There’s something to be said about that.

See what’s behind this curtain right now.

Now Here’s the Beautiful Thing About All of This

We all win. The consumer does the most. We have options. That’s what online wine clubs bring to the table, actually. That’s what cyberspace thrives on — options. Here we have just four of the top online wine clubs out there, and each one’s unique, with a targeted branded niche. And that can only be healthy for the wine industry, in our humble opinion.

Call that one major pat on the back for the Internet. Now get clicking.

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