3 Best Regions for Wine Values

You know how there are certain places that you know because of their food, and you wouldn’t bother eating that food from somewhere else? For instance, pizza made anywhere but New York just isn’t pizza, it’s a weird piece of bread with sauce and cheese. Or how California and Texas make the best tacos in the United States and every other state should just stop trying. Well, there is a similar thing with wine regions!

Now, many grapes can thrive in many different locations, however, there are some that just do it better and are famous for it. Below are three regions that are pretty successful with their particular varietal, and we want to highlight them as value regions for 2018.

California Cabernet Sauvignon

Okay, we know this isn’t anything new but in all honesty, with everything else California is known for, the Cab gets a little left behind. It’s almost like we’ve taken for granted how gorgeous this wine is when it comes out of the Napa Valley. The reason 2018 is the year to truly enjoy this (in addition to all the other years) is because after the wildfires tore through the state last year, this region saw a severe drop in tourism, even though the area was surprisingly undamaged. Support the wine region of Northern California and you’ll probably get a pretty good deal as the wineries there are trying to boost their own sales again.

New Zealand Pinot Noir

Usually New Zealand is all about the Sauvignon Blanc but in recent years, they’ve started killing it in the Pinot Noir game and 2018 is their year. Overall, NZ has moved its way up in the global wine industry, coming in at number four in the world for wine exportation and Pinot Noir is now their second most-planted varietal. The unique climate and terroir has been instrumental in producing their lush and sophisticated Pinots that are rivaling those from the Old World regions.

Finger Lakes Riesling

We all know about New York’s uprising in the wine industry, especially upstate and in Long Island, but one of the regions is truly claiming their fame with the Riesling. The Finger Lakes have become synonymous with Riesling in recent years, and not just in our home state. The wineries in the Finger Lakes are run by innovators- young people who are trying to change the face of winemaking, especially the old reputation of Riesling. Long gone are the days of cloying sweetness and cheap tastes; now is the time for luxurious flavors and elegance.

When you’re looking for a new varietal to try, it’s always good to go to the experts. There are so many regions around our country and around the world that have become experts in their grapes, beyond the ones we’ve listed here.

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