Wines for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again- we don’t know how time flew by so fast- and we’re about to be sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you’re headed home to your family, traveling to see friends, or just going out to your favorite restaurant, the wine you drink is almost as important as the food you eat for the holiday.

We’ve put together an easy list of wines that pair with each part of the Thanksgiving meal so you have the perfect bottle to share with your loved ones.

The Wine That Goes With Everything

There is a lot happening on the holiday table and plenty to pair with which can get overwhelming but you can never go wrong with a gorgeous Oregon Pinot Noir. For one, it’s an American wine and Thanksgiving is an American holiday. Second, a good zesty red is going to pair wonderfully with your cranberry sauce, your hearty vegetable sides, and all of your desserts. The Willamette Valley is known for the Pinot Noir so it’s also a lovely opportunity to show off your wine knowledge.


The Wine For the Toast

We all have that uncle who loves to toast to the family or to everyone’s health or to whatever he can think of at the time so why not bring along some bubbly to help him along? Good Champagne gets really expensive so try a Cava. Just like Champagne, it comes in varying levels of sweetness which is great, since you’ll be so stuffed with pie, your teeth will hurt from the sugar rush.

The Wine That Pleases Everyone

This is key at the Thanksgiving table, especially when you’re with your family and things are getting intense. Try a Sauvignon Blanc. Sure, it’s kind of basic but there’s a reason why and when it comes to making the whole table happy, that’s what it takes. A good Sauv will pair well with everything from the turkey to the mashed potatoes to your grandma’s famous stuffing. Plus, a chilled white is a lovely refresher when your body starts overheating from being too full.

The Wine That Goes With Dessert

We’re in New York after all so obviously the answer is a Finger Lakes Riesling. The beauty of this wine is that it has the full flavor of a Riesling but isn’t so cloyingly sweet. A good dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes will complement each slice of pie you indulge in, and you know it’s going to be more than one so that really says something.

When in doubt, just bring your favorite wine and if no one is happy with your choice, that means it’s all for you!

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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