10 Delicious Dessert Wines

There is always a wine for every occasion, and dessert is a very important occasion. Dessert wines get a bad rap (thanks, Jan) but they are meant to be more than just cloyingly sweet. A good dessert wine will have plenty of sweetness but should implement different fruit and floral flavors that will complement the dessert you’re serving.


Generally, dessert wines are white, simply because they are the sweeter grapes and are less tannic, which means they won’t fight with the sugar content of the dessert you’re eating. Check out our list below of 10 great dessert wines!

Schloss Gobelsburg 2015 Eiswein Grüner Veltliner: Gruner Veltliners are notorious for being the best dessert wine out there and this one holds up to that. Sweet, yet acidic, this one pulls in so many delicious flavors like honey, pineapple, and vanilla, just to name a few. $45


Kracher 2015 Beerenauslese Cuvée White: Herbal, grassy, and acidic, this cuvée brings you a whole mouthful of acidic flavors that will pair well with a fruity dessert, rather than a chocolate or baked one. $35



Bigi 2015 Amabile (Orvieto Classico): Italy isn’t always known for their dessert wines but this one is a perfect blend, featuring aromas of fresh stone fruits and even a nutty hint of almond. Excellent for a summer picnic! $13


Cobden Wini 2013 Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc: We don’t traditionally think of a Sauvignon Blanc as a dessert wine but it can be put in that category if it’s a late harvest. The extra time on the vine allowed these grapes to over-ripen, giving them a deep sweetness like honey. $55


Anthony Nappa 2013 Enzo Riesling: This Riesling was made from grapes that were frozen on their vine, which makes it an ice wine (or Eiswein, in Austria). It imparts a complex flavor profile of caramel and candied oranges and even a hint of minerality. $50


Vermeil 2013 Compassion Red: Not many dessert wines are reds but this one is special. The supple, dark fruit flavors of a classic red present themselves in a gentler, more supple way, making it perfect to pair with that rich, dark chocolate cake. $45


Sequin 2014 Moscato: A Moscato doesn’t have to be just a cheap solution; it can actually be a valuable element to your meal. This one is perfectly bubbly with a delicious sweetness that is prominent but not overpowering, and delightfully fruity. $11


Château Lapinesse 2013 Sauternes: A Bordeaux-style White blend, this lovely bottle brings you endless amounts of honeyed fruit and a fantastic sweetness at the end that will surprise and delight you. $50


Thörle 2013 Grains Noble White: Germany knows how to do dessert wines and this is a perfect example. It brings a unique combination of vanilla, saffron, peach, and yellow cherry, combined with an excellent acidity at the end. $37


Envy 2011 White: This is a fairly standard white blend out of California that has a very simple flavor structure of raisins and yeast, which means it will pair well with most baked goods. $49

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