The 10 Best Restaurants in Newark, New Jersey

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Newark, New Jersey doesn’t get the respect it deserves in the New York City Metro area. Besides being home to one of hockey’s premier franchises (and my favorite team), the New Jersey Devils, Newark features some of this region’s finest culinary destinations.

Below is our selection of Newark’s 10 best restaurants. We used a highly unscientific method for choosing these 10 restaurants (Google searches) but plenty of people can attest to the quality of the following 10 establishments. To give you a true depiction of the dining experience at each restaurant, we used highlights from each establishments’ Yelp page.

Note: We focused on Newark’s Ironbound District in deference to the Ironbound Wine & Food Expo happening there on October 7th and 8th

1. Adega Grill (Ironbound District)

“I ordered the ribeye and stuffed lobster, which came with spanish potatoes, grilled veggies and rice. For appetizers, we ordered stuffed clams and stuffed mushrooms. I’m going to cut to the chase and just say everything was finger-licking delicious. EVERYTHING. Including the sangria, which is some the BEST I’ve ever tasted.” – LaTanya B., Yelp

2. Sushi House 21

And of course we have to talk about the Uni. YOU MUST GET THE UNI HERE!!! We didn’t know this item was off the menu but we lucked out that night and they only have 8 orders left so we got them all. Our waitress told us to call first next time so they can make sure they have enough stock for us before we come. But that Uni was just heavenly! I can’t say it’s as good as what I had in San Diego but it’s close enough. Creamy, neither fishy nor slimy, everything about it screams fresh!!! Definitely a MUST TRY!!! – Felix S., Yelp

3. Fornos of Spain (Ironbound District)

“Now time for the food. The stuffed salmon was what I had. The salmon was delicately tender with a moist finish. Stuffed with crab and lobster meat, it brought a fulfilling and balanced seasoning to the overall dish. The sides that came with were mash potatoes and a medley of carrots and squash. The mash potatoes almost taste better the main dish. The consistency of not too creamy yet not too lumpy was perfect. The flavoring was spot on leaving a very satisfying buttery and distinct taste in my mouth. I almost forget to mention the other three sides that came out, which were rice, string beans, and chips” – Carena M., Yelp

4. Brasilia Grill (Ironbound District)

“I am still in a morning-after meat coma as I write this. What a great introduction to the tantalizing prospect known as rodizio. This night was 15 meats, keep eating until the idea of meat is horrifying. I estimate I ate nearly 2 lb of the stuff before I just couldn’t get that last bite inside. Some cuts are well done, but some are toward the rare side.
Short version: 5 star service. 4.5 star meats. 3 star buffet. 4 star dessert. Not perfect, but an excellent value.” – Steve A., Yelp

5. Fernades Steakhouse (Ironbound District)

“The food itself was amazing. I got the grilled sea bass and it was so delicious, I finished the entire thing. Even the veggies were seasoned perfectly. My fiancé got a ribeye steak with shrimp and it was served over a tile. When they brought it out, the waiter cut it up in front of us before serving it to him. The steak was on point, it was so juicy and perfectly medium rare. Portions are generous and definitely great for sharing!” – Karrie D., Yelp

6. Iberia Penisula (Ironbound District)

“Double lobster tail for hubby and Peninsula steak for son I had the garlic shrimp and GF had seafood with a whole lobster– everyone enjoyed the food, the bread is soft and steamy inside, the rice fluffy and flavorful, the seafood has just enough seasoning that didn’t over power sweet tasty lobster and shrimp just garlicky enough but you cant hold back you have to dunk the bread int eh tasty sauce…. No room for dessert” – SuzAnne S., Yelp

7. Hobby’s Delicatessen and Restaurant

“Every time I think I have a favorite entree, I try something new and find that I love it. So, I’d have to say that my favorite thing about Hobby’s is everything. I love the guys and their employees. I love the deli meats, the soups, the home fries, the tuna, the pickles, the eggplant, the burgers, the bagels, the cookies… Literally, everything is delicious. But, the staff packs a lot of love into every bite and you’ll feel the love whether you call and have your meal delivered or pop in and grab a table. It’s sort of like what you’d get if a Jewish deli opened Cheers in the heart of a friendly downtown neighborhood.” – Dee G., Yelp

8. Seabra’s Marisqueira (Ironbound District)

“The food is delicious! I enjoyed almost everything I tried. For apps we had shrimp, rice, cockles, and mussels. I especially liked the cockles! For my entree I had the stuffed halibut. It has crab meat inside FTW! What I didn’t realize until reading some other reviews is that the portions are extra large and meant to be shared. Well I had a nice dinner leftover for the next day. The fresh bread they give you is also delicious especially dipped in some of the sauces.” – Jennifer H., Yelp

9. Mompou Tapas Bar & Lounge (Ironbound District)

“I was skeptical about the croquetas because unless you are in Miami it is almost impossible to get a good croqueta, but they proved me wrong. They were so yummy and their sauce was to die for. The egg plant was my second favorite tapa as it didn’t even taste as a vegetable (well I have a hard time eating vegetables so this was amazing for my mouth).” – Ros O., Yelp

10. Casa Vasca (Ironbound District)

“Casa Vasca serves delicious Portuguese food. We ordered the chorizo (much better than McDonald’s, but more burnt), the garlic shrimp (wow, simple, but maybe one of my favorites of the night), paella (yum!) and the seafood stew with green sauce. Oh and how can I forget the sangria? Both red and white sangria is offered at Casa Vasca, but we had the classic red. Delicious. Dinner here comes with the soup of the day and a basket of bread, rice and potatoes. The soup we had was chickpea and I honestly am not a fan of chick peas at all. I don’t even really like hummus. This soup was amazing! I t was flavorful and I ate all the chickpeas! The seafood dishes were also very delicious and I particularly liked the green sauce.” – Krysten l., Yelp

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