The 10 Best Moscatos on the Market

By Taryn Lachter, Staff Writer

Moscato, not just for girls in their early 20s. If done properly, a moscato is more than just an easy to drink beverage for those who don’t like the taste of alcohol. In fact, they’re perfect for that summer picnic, or to finish off an elegant dinner, and they’re rather affordable as well.

The name Moscato comes from the Moscato d’Asti wines, made famous in Italy’s Northwest Piedmont region. Most moscatos are slightly effervescent which makes them lighter by nature. Typically, the higher percentage of alcohol in a moscato, the drier it will be, ranging from 5% to 12% alcohol. They tend to carry more floral aromas with hints of fruit mixed in that adds a gentle acidity. A moscato is great when eating spicy foods, and even better for desserts due to its sweetness.


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Bartenura Moscato 2014

  • One of the most well-known, affordable Moscatos is the Bartenura. By far one of the sweetest, it’s also known for being a great Kosher option. With its peachy, floral aroma, this wine is great for dessert. $13.49

Barefoot Cellars Moscato

  • Although the price-tag might be low, this wine comes with great quality. It’s known for being deliciously sweet- it even says so on the bottle. Let it chill for a few minutes before drinking, and enjoy the refreshing, bubbly taste. There’s even a rose, if that’s your kind of thing.  $5.47

Castello del Poggio Moscato Provincia di Pavia

  • Described as fruity and inviting, this Moscato brings the delicious peachy flavor that most Moscatos are known for. With its golden, sunny color, this wine is perfect for summer drinking. $11.99

Georgetown Vineyards American Moscato

  • A 2016 winner of multiple wine festivals, this Moscato is traditional in flavor and only slightly sweet. Unlike the d’Asti Moscato, this wine is not carbonated. It’s known for its subtle lovely melon flavor. $10.99

Earl Stevens Mangoscato

  • Unlike any other on this list, the Earl Stevens Mangoscato comes in with an astounding 18% alcohol and a mango flavor. It’s full of fruity flavor without being too sweet, and gives a crisp, refreshing texture. $19.99

Saracco Moscato d’Astï

  • Straight from the Piedmont region of Italy, Saracco Moscato d’Asti is super sweet and delicately bubbly. As a traditional Moscato, this vibrant and sharp wine is perfect for a warm summer day $14.99

Robert Mondavi Moscato

  • Named after the Italian word for the Muscat grape and gold (Oro), this Moscato is full of peach and nectarine flavors, and only 8% alcohol, making it quite sweet. The added notes of honey and white blossoms make it delightfully refreshing. $16.49

Cupcake Moscato d’Asti

  • The Cupcake Winery has come on to the scene in the last few years with many delectable varieties of traditional wines, and the Moscato d’Asti is one of them. Delicately effervescent and slightly sweet, this Moscato possesses a bright fruit flavor. $14

Stella Rosa Moscato d’Asti

  • Also hailing from the Piedmont region of Italy, this traditionally bubbly Moscato is ever so slightly sweet, but full of fruity, floral flavor. It’s refreshing with a clean finish, making it a great aperitif or accompaniment for a light meal. $8.95

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